Mango Nectar


Tangy mango flavour with notes of tropical fruits.

This product can be purchased as part of a JUULpods Subscription.

18 mg/ml nicotine strength. Each pack contains 4 pods.


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Our e-liquid contains a proprietary formulation that combines glycerol, propylene glycol, natural oils, extracts and flavor, nicotine and benzoic acid. Together with temperature-regulated vapour technology, this proprietary chemistry enables JUUL to deliver a vapour experience like no other.

Juul pods are pre-filled with 0.7ml of JUULsalts™ e-liquid which is based on nicotine salt naturally extracted from the tobacco leaf. Each puff gives a great combination of flavour, nicotine hit and a satisfying juul pods

Available in 18mg and 9mg.

Use according to instructions and ensure that the product is out of reach to children. Please note that the e liquid may also contain traces of nuts.

mango juul pods

8 x JUUL Pod Packs – Mango Nectar

A total of 32 JUUL Pods.