Orange Crush PAX Era Pod



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pax vaporizer¬†Happy Sticks’ Orange Crush PAX Era Pod is a tasty vape cartridge with a citrus and cream flavor. The resulting high is typically uplifted and energetic with a mild body buzz. This is a good high to pick up your mood and carry you through a social event. The munchies can distract you but the rest of the comedown is easygoing.

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Ever had an Orange Crush soda? This potent strain is just as delicious as it sounds. Our orange zesty strain will give you an upbeat, clear headed high, with relaxing body effects.

pax vaporizer

Happy Sticks Orange Crush is a sativa dominant strain known for its earthy scent and citrus flavor. Orange Crush is known for its positive, uplifting cerebral high that leads way to a feeling of euphoria. The high helps users find relief from chronic stress, anxiety and nervousness leaving them feeling happy and uplifted.





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