Remedy 3:1 PAX Era Pod


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pod vapes LEVEL’s Remedy 3:1 PAX Era Pod can leave your mouth feeling dry after a few hits of the sweet blueberry vapor, but the mild high is powered with an extra dose of CBD to melt away aches and lull you to sleep.

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Blue Dream | 50% CBD – 15% THC

A mild high: helps ease pain and promotes rest.

This is the pod only – For use with the Pax Era.

Level blends produces an array of high-quality cannabis products expertly crafted to achieve desired feeling states. Level scientists apply advanced techniques to unlock the plant’s many benefits and magic. Precisely tune your experience with confidence. Level’s products are always pesticide, solvent, and additive free.

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The Remedy 3:1 CBD:THC, a new offering from Level, will speak to all you CBD-lovers (with deep pockets). Level is a company known for its excellence in preserving the full quality of the original cannabis plant across its product line. This brand’s dedication, especially to top-notch terpene profiles, is heartening to see in a blooming recreational industry that says it’s all about terpenes but often resorts to adding terpenes from ordinary sources (like lemon rinds) into the final product. For me, this is definitely cheating and a reason why I like Level so much: I trust their process because they tell consumers about it.




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